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Tuesday 19 July 2022

Today, Hotelplan UK has launched a new staff Sustainable Travel policy, which covers commuting, business travel and leisure / holiday travel for all employees. 

Hotelplan businesses Explore Worldwide, Inntravel, Inghams, Esprit and Santa’s Lapland are offering paid travel time whenever a member of staff chooses to travel by train, public transport or under their own steam (walk, cycle etc) rather than by air or driving a petrol or diesel vehicle. The new policy comes hot on the heels of recent research that showed two-third of people (67%) would consider more sustainable travel options if they had additional days to do so. 
Travelling shorter distances for leisure (between 150-450 miles each way), staff are able to claim an additional half-day travel time when using rail or coach - even if on a weekend break which doesn’t coincide with their normal working hours. For longer distances of over 450 miles, staff can claim an additional full day. 

Lower carbon travel options include public transport (bus, coach, rail journeys accessible by members of the public), cycling/scooters, walking and electric vehicles. 

Prue Stone, Head of Sustainability at Hotelplan UK, says: “We are delighted to offer all our staff in the UK this forward-thinking policy. We know our staff are committed to sustainability, but that sometimes time and financial demands can make the right decisions more different. We hope that by encouraging slower travel, and allowing additional time to do so, people feel supported in putting their values first”.

For business travel, Hotelplan recommends that all staff: 
  • Use video / audio conferencing rather than in-person meetings when they can
  • Choose locations for meetings where staff can access by public transport where possible
  • Make the travel carbon footprint the principal consideration when deciding on meeting locations
  • Consider trains before planes. Trains are more energy-efficient per passenger mile than planes or cars, making them one of the most eco-friendly transportation options

For the regular office commute, Hotelplan:
  • Offers flexible, hybrid working as standard across the business
  • Offers secure cycle storage and showers at the Hampshire HQ
  • Provides season ticket loans
  • Runs the cycle-to-work scheme, saving employees up to 40% on the cost of their bike 

The policy is just the latest in a number of commitments made by the business as part of its ongoing Sustainability Strategy. Hotelplan is committed to having a positive social and environmental impact, and recognises that we all have an important role to play in responding to the urgent challenge of climate change. The aim of this policy is to support and encourage the entire business to engage in sustainable travel when on holiday or for business.

“We want to lead by example” says Stone, “both within the business, with senior leaders travelling more sustainably for business and pleasure, and within the industry, showing how it is possible to encourage lower-carbon choices. What’s more, as well as helping the planet, we’re big believers in the joy and authenticity of slower travel, taking the time to appreciate our surroundings, and be aware of the journeys we’re making.”

For more media information, interview requests, statistics or images, please contact:
Laura Dewar – / 07725 746 847