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Current Offers Save up to AU370pp on all Europe trips

Save up to AU370pp on all Europe trips

This year, discover Europe with Explore. Whilst you might usually associate wildlife with Africa, history with South America or foodie experiences with Asia, at Explore we know that many of the most amazing things to see and try are right on our doorstep in Europe. 

Plus if you book by 28 February, we're offering up to AU370pp off selected depatures on all of our small group Europe trips.

Whether you want to steep yourself in ancient history on a cultural trip, enjoy a multi-active adventure with your family, taste your way around a new destination or walk along a beautiful coastline we have the ideal trip for you. 



Europe's cultural heritage and historical sites are second to none. Uncover the many Greek and Roman ruins found in Sicily or explore the diverse history of nine different countries on our adventure around the Baltics. Spend time in the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl or experience World War II history first hand in Kaliningrad and Poland. 
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Search for whales and dolphins on a boat trip around the Azores or track wolves on a unique holiday in Belarus. Spot brown bears in the Finnish wilderness or on a hike through the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Bird watches should head to Danube Delta in Romania, home to pygmy cormorants, egrets, herons and red-footed falcons. 
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Food & Drink 

Europe provides some of the best flavours from around the world, with a huge variety of cuisine from Iceland to Italy there's something to suite every palate. Our 'Tastes of' trips take you around the renowned food regions to sample local delicacies, or try a 'Walking and Wine' trip to combine beautiful walks with wine tastings from local producers. 
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Our cycling holidays offer something for everyone from easy pedalling amid the villages and vineyards of France to a challenging ride across the breadth of Italy. Discover Portugal’s wild coastline or dramatic Dalmatia in Croatia. In Eastern Europe you can bike the Baltic states, pedal in Poland and cycle the Czech Republic or even ride in Romania. 
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Wherever you go in Europe, you really don’t have to travel far to enjoy an exciting, adventurous and truly memorable family holiday.Most European family trips are multi-activity holidays offering a healthy dose of activity, adventure and exhilaration. Enjoy canoeing in Spain, kayaking in Croatia, white-water rafting in France and canyoning in Italy - no experience needed, just a sense of adventure! 
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Europe's diverse landscape has some of the best walks in the world. Explore the magnificent snow-capped Alps or hike in the Tatra Mountains. Walk along the stunning coastlines of Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey or discover lunar landscapes on the Canary Islands and the scenic 220km-long Corfu Trail in the Mediterranean. 
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Discounts are available on selected departures to Europe including small group adventure but excluding self-guided, polar voyages and private trips.
  2. The discount is available on the following Cycling trips: C2C, CAB, CAL, CBD, CBE, CBS, CCD, CCDS, CCM, CCZ, CDV, CEX, CFS, CFT, CIP, CLP, CML, CMU, CNC, CPC, CPI, CPP, CRT, CRU, CSD, CSI, CSP, CTY, CUT, CVP; the following Walking trips: ALW, AUT, AZ, BWW, CDS, CF, CFA, CO, CR, CWW, CY, DW, ELL, FA, GAL, GCW, LC, LGP, LNC, LOC, LPM, LTY, LW, LZT, MBH, MBT, MWW, NAW, OC, OL, PAC, PAW, PC, POR, PU, SIT, SJ, SLA, TM, TOER, TOLT, TOP, TTA, TTY, UR, WAM, WCM, WCT, WGEO, WIA, WPS, WWB; the following Discovery trips: AB, AFB, AM, BAT, BEL, BOB, BSE, BU, BUG, CS, CZ, CZK, CZP, DD, FN, GC, GEO, GF, GFA, GKV, GR, GW, GX, HB, HBR, HGC, HGW, HOG, HOO, HOP, HUG, ICE, IH, KCB, KCY, KGD, KLK, KLV, KMV, KOA, KWK, KWR, KWW, MDR, MI, MLA, MLAS, MOO, NAP, PNP, PUL, PW, QAH, ROM, RSB, RSP, SCS, SEF, SNL, SO, SP, SRB, SUN, TA, TD, TU, UKA, WOF, WR, WRO, YD, YUG; and the following Family trips: FCA, FCE, FGC, FIC, FLA, FLL, FLLC, FMN, FPW, FPY, FRO, FSF, FSI, FSO, FTY, FWF.
  3. Discounts are valid for qualifying new bookings made between 26 January 2018 and 28 February 2018. We regret the discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.
  4. Discounts are listed on the relevant ‘Dates & Prices’ pages on the Explore website; there is no need to quote a discount code as the reduced prices will be applied at point of sale.
  5. The offer may not be applicable on certain departure dates.
  6. The discount applies to the Land Only portion of the trip. 
  7. The discount can be used in conjunction with all other promotions in place during the offer period, as well as the Explore loyalty scheme and the Explore group discount (see website for details).
  8. The offer is subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend it at any time.

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