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Explore Beyond

Explore's Beyond collection offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences far beyond the usual tourist landmarks and events. From limited edition festival departures to rare one-off events and expert-led trips, you’ll be one of a privileged few on these alternative and unusual cultural holidays.

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Explore Beyond

Popular Trips

9 Days From AU$2650 without flights

Cycle the Berlin Wall

Germany Cycling Trip code CBW
7 Days Call us for prices
13 Days Call us for prices

Mongolian Eagle Festival and the Siberian Altai

Mongolia, Russia Beyond Trip code MRE
15 Days From AU$7240 without flights

Cycle the Berlin Wall in the 30th anniversary year of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, guided by an Explore Leader who, having grown up in East Germany, can provide first-hand insight into life behind the wall and the iconic events of 1989. Along the way, visit iconic city sites including Hitler's Bunker, the Bridge of Spies, Checkpoint Charlie, Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. 

Spot the Northern Lights on a short break in remote Yellowknife in Canada's white north. Just 400km south of the Arctic Circle, far from major sources of light pollution, this is one the best places in the world for seeing the Aurora Borealis. You'll spend three nights looking out for them from private viewing cabins off the Great Slave Lake.

Travel through the spectacular Silberian Altai Mountains and spend two nights with an eagle hunter family before attending the annual Mongolian Eagle Festival. Here, 400 eagle hunters enter the valley on horseback with their golden eagles. Various events, games and competitions show the skills of birds and their handlers, while hunters are judged on their costumes, horsemanship and ability to control the birds. Celebrating and keeping alive the fascinating local traditions, the festival makes for fantastic photo opportunities.

Or join one of our new expert-led photography trips. Choose from exciting itineraries in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Borneo and the Western US, where you can learn the art of astrophotography. Our trips are led by one of two experts. Robert Harvey is a top photographer whose work has been recognised by the Excellence Award of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique. Particularly known for his night sky and landscape shots, Robert is an expert on getting the most out of your camera and equipment. National Geographic Traveller's Photographer of the Year 2018 Renato Granieri is a superb wildlife and travel photographer who takes a creative approach with angles and lighting. 

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