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Experiences Explore Beyond (Limited Edition)

Explore Beyond
(Limited Edition)

Explore's Beyond collection offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences far beyond the usual tourist landmarks and events. From limited edition festival departures to rare one-off events and expert-led trips, you’ll be one of a privileged few on these alternative and unusual cultural holidays.

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Explore Beyond (Limited Edition)

Popular Trips

Mongolian Eagle Festival and the Siberian Altai

Mongolia, Russia Beyond Trip code MRE
15 Days From AU$7750 without flights

Tribes and Temples of Orissa

India Beyond Trip code TTO
14 Days From AU$3820 without flights

Brazilian Amazon by Boat

Brazil Beyond Trip code BAM
16 Days From AU$6610 without flights

Patagonia Solar Eclipse

Argentina, Chile Eclipse Trip code PAE
10 Days From AU$7590 without flights


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