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Experiences Explore Beyond

Explore Beyond

Welcome to our collection of Explore Beyond trips; limited departures with limited availability, all guaranteed to run.

Our new collection of innovative and original trips are specifically designed to offer a truly unique travel experience. Getting back to our pioneering roots, you have the opportunity to experience unpolished recce adventures where you can help us test and finesse the itinerary of proposed new trips through to festivals and eclipse departures.

If you want to experience a local festival you can choose from a selection of exciting trips including Tribes and Temples of Orissa, the Tagong Horse Festival of Ancient Kham or the Kunming to Hong Kong and the Buffalo God Festival trip. For nature lovers the Flowers of the Cape travels from Cape Town to Windhoek during wildflower season with award winner Leader Quinton Conroy. Over 4000 flowers bloom at this time and create incredible carpets of colour on the landscape.

Alternatively take to the water and spend time snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat on the West Papua Seatrek cruise. In Europe, our Discover Ukraine and Moldova recce adventure explores these two fascinating countries as well as the breakaway state of Trans-Dniester plus visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Secure your space now, as places are limited and will sell out fast.

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