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Electric bike tours

Most of our cycling tours have the option of an electric bike (e-bike) hire which gives you the benefits of exploring on two wheels but with less effort. From exploring the Baltic States and cycling the Dalmatian Coast to riding across England, e-bikes are a great way to travel.


Small group electric bike tours

Exploring by bike lets you really get under the skin of a destination. Immerse yourself in nature, greet local people as you cycle by and feel all of the benefits of getting active and being out in the fresh air.

But if you're worried you might not keep up with the group due to fitness or injury or simply want to enjoy a more relaxed holiday, you can choose to ride an e-bike. Electric bikes have a battery and a small motor that makes pedalling much easier than on a standard bike, especially while ascending a hill or riding into a strong headwind, so you can cruise along and enjoy all of the benefits with less effort. It's possible to turn the power assistance up and down to suit your needs, and you will still get a work out. Check the cycling grade for the trip to get an indication of the difficulty and terrain. 

E-bikes are great for couples or friends who want to cycle together but are of different abilities - join your partner on a challenging graded cycling tour without the worry of not managing the longer distances. Or perhaps you're travelling solo and want to challenge yourself to a more demanding route with the back up of electric power. 

Many of our small group cycling tours include the option of riding an e-bike, so check the bike information section of the trip notes for details, or give us a call to ask if an e-bike is available for your preferred trip. 

Upcoming 100% E-bike only departures

On certain trips, we exclusively offer e-bike only departures, ensuring that everyone participating will use an electric bike throughout the journey. You might notice that cycling is completed slightly faster than our regular trips due to the e-bike's assistance allowing more time for extra sightseeing or relaxing. See the list below for our exclusive e-bike departures. 

Popular Cycling tours with e-bikes as an optional extra

Croatia Cycling Trip code CCD
Best Seller
E-bike option
8 Days From AU$2860 without flights
Albania Cycling Trip code CAB
8 Days From AU$2410 without flights
E-bike option
8 Days From AU$3260 without flights
Portugal Cycling Trip code CAL
E-bike option
8 Days From AU$2630 without flights
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Cycling Trip code CBS
Best Seller
E-bike option
9 Days From AU$3090 without flights
E-bike option
8 Days From AU$2200 without flights

Best E-Bike Cycling Holiday Destinations

Cycling the Baltic States
Leisurely Cycling Grade

Discover the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on two wheels during this nine-day small group cycling tour. Although the route is mostly flat, an e-bike will make this a fun and relaxing trip; let the bike do the hard work, so you don't have to, especially on days when there's a strong headwind. Feel the sun on your back as you gently pedal along the wild Curonian Spit in Lithuania, effortlessly ride along sandy beaches in Latvia and look out for unusual wildlife as you explore ancient pine forest trails in Estonia. 

Cycle the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
Moderate Cycling Grade

Croatia's sun-drenched Dalmatian Coast is a wonderful destination to explore by bike. Pedal through beautiful rural countryside, cool off with a refreshing dip in crystal clear turquoise waters and savour delicious Mediterranean cuisine in charming waterfront villages. Cycle through the stunning landscapes of Hvar and Korcula Islands to uncover far-reaching panoramic views,  fill your lungs with the fragrant aroma of lavender, and cruise past rolling vineyards with a little bit of help from your trusty electric steed. 

Cycling in France - Canals and Castles of the Midi
Leisurely Cycling Grade

Explore France's historic Canal du Midi at a leisurely pace on mainly on canal towpaths and country roads, on flat or gently undulating terrain. With an average daily cycle length of 31km, there is plenty of time for sightseeing after the days ride. A highlight for many is cycling through countryside villages to the medieval town of Carcassonne, where you can enjoy the beautifully lit town in the evening when the daytime crowds have left, and sample some of the delicious local cuisine.

Frequently asked questions about e-bike tours

How does an electric bike work?
An electric bike is very similar to a standard bike, but it has the added benefit of a battery motor that provides you with a bit of extra power while you are pedalling. This makes pedalling much easier than it would be without the motor, allowing you to go further, for longer and with less effort. 
Woman riding an e-bike beside a lake
Are e-bikes available on all Explore cycling holidays? 
Most Explore cycling tours include the option of an e-bike, but not all, so check the trip notes. They are becoming more common and widespread across Europe especially. However, e-bikes are being made available in new destinations all of the time, so if the trip you want to book doesn't list e-bikes as an option, please speak to our travel experts who can check whether an e-bike has become available in that location. 

Do I need to pre-book an e-bike for my holiday?
Yes. Access to e-bikes can be limited in some destinations, so all e-bike requests need to be sent to us when you book or as soon as possible before you travel to ensure we can reserve one for you.

Can I ride an e-bike even if others in the group are on standard bikes?
Yes! Having an e-bike isn't much different from riding a standard bike in terms of access to cycle paths or trails. The main benefit of an e-bike is that it will allow you to keep up with the group if you feel you might be slower than everyone else or just want to relax a bit more and enjoy the views! 

How difficult are Explore e-bike tours?
All of our cycling trips are graded from Leisurely to Challenging. Our grades give an indication of the difficulty of the terrain on the trip, and the distances cycled per day. These factors are the same regardless of your  type of bike, but of course an electric bike would help make the hills and distance a bit easier. 

Will an e-bike help me if I'm less fit than others in the group?
Yes! But we don't consider riding an e-bike to be cheating. E-bikes make cycling tours accessible to many more people who wouldn't normally consider exploring on two wheels. Also, if you have an injury or perhaps want to travel with a partner or friend who is a bit quicker than you, an e-bike is the perfect alternative to travelling between destinations by car. An e-bike allows you to get up close with nature and feel the thrill of cycling alongside everyone else. 

What are e-bikes like on more challenging terrain?
Electric bikes take away all of the strain of riding up a steep hill or into a strong headwind. The motorised assistance will make pedalling feel just as easy as if you were on a smooth and flat tarmac road. You will still need to keep the bike balanced, but the effort required to cover challenging terrain will be much lower. 

Do I have to use the electric function all the time?
No, you don't. You can use the motor on the electric bike as much or as little as you want and you can choose the setting, with more or less power, for each section of the ride as you see fit. Some riders choose to use it only when there is a strong headwind or when the gradient gets a bit too challenging. However, do bear in mind that e-bikes are typically heavier than standard bikes, so you may find that it's more comfortable to keep the motor switched on most of the time. 

Do I need to charge the battery? 
Yes, you will need to charge the bike battery during your trip, but it's very easy to do, and your Tour Leader will show you how. A fully charged battery will last the day's ride, but it is important to make sure the battery is fully recharged each night. Most users take the battery to their hotel room and plug it in overnight to ensure they have full power at the start of each day. Your Tour Leader will remind you to do this, and they will have a few spare batteries to hand just in case. 
Close up of an ebike
How long will the battery last?
The more challenging the terrain and weather conditions are, the more power the bike will use, so the battery will drain quicker. However, a fully charged battery can last as much as 100km (62miles), so you should have ample power to get you through a day's riding. Spare batteries should be on hand or a plan is built in to recharge at lunchtime if needed. The bottom line is that the Explore Leader will ensure you won't be left with a dead battery on your ride.

Are e-bikes heavier than a standard bike?
Yes, electric bikes are typically heavier than a standard bicycle. However, the motorised assistance more than makes up for the extra weight, so the riding will still feel easier. 

Are e-bikes environmentally friendly?
Yes. Electric bikes are 100% emission-free. 

How fast are electric bikes?
In Europe, electric bikes are limited to a maximum speed of 25km/h (15.5mph) by law. However, if the motor is off, you could go faster - if you are freewheeling down a hill, for example. 

Need inspiration for your electric bike cycling tour?