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Tours to the Arctic

Journey to the astounding and isolated frozen Arctic region. Marvel at incredible ice shapes and search for the king in polar bear country. Sail through the stunning glacial scenery that surrounds the arctic tundra. A voyage to the Arctic is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

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Leave civilisation behind and go in search of polar bear, walrus, arctic fox and seal on a small group tour to the Arctic. Join your leader for an expedition voyage around Svalbard to experience the wilderness of the Arctic Ocean. Cruise through a sea of icebergs and keep a lookout for arctic wildlife resting on ice floes. Explore majestic fjords where glaciers meet the ocean and step ashore to uncover rare flora and fauna existing in the bleak tundra.

Visit the world's northernmost active volcano, Jan Mayen, and hike around the island to spot whale, dolphin and giant glaciers. Or join our longest Arctic Tour to cross the fertile plains of a polar bear migration trail and experience the warm welcome of local Inuit people in remote Greenland settlements.

Our most popular Arctic trips

Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ACS
8 Days From AU$5750 without flights
Canada Polar Trip code CHPB
6 Days From AU$13390 without flights
Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ACSX
11 Days From AU$8000 without flights
Norway, United Kingdom, Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ENS
15 Days From AU$9040 without flights
Greenland, Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ASG
15 Days From AU$10670 without flights
Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMSO
12 Days From AU$17180 without flights
Greenland, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code GMGI
15 Days From AU$20050 without flights
Norway, United Kingdom, Arctic, Spitsbergen Polar Trip code ENA
22 Days From AU$14170 without flights
Greenland, Iceland, Arctic Polar Trip code EEG
14 Days From AU$9650 without flights
Russia, USA, Arctic Polar Trip code SEWI
16 Days From AU$24140 without flights
Norway, United Kingdom, Arctic Polar Trip code ESN
13 Days From AU$7190 without flights
Greenland, Canada, Arctic Polar Trip code GMGO
17 Days From AU$25970 without flights
Greenland, Canada, Arctic, Denmark Polar Trip code FRNW
20 Days From AU$31400 without flights
Greenland, Canada, Arctic Polar Trip code GMNW
17 Days From AU$28420 without flights


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