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Why Choose a Self-Guided Holiday?

On an Explore self-guided holiday the world is your oyster: exploring on foot or on two wheels, your carefully planned route stretches out ahead so you are free to travel at your own pace.

We’ll provide you with clear route instructions and maps, and we’ll take care of your luggage so you can just relax and enjoy the experience. Self-guided holidays offer flexibility and an unhurried way to travel – just take a look at our reasons to choose a self-guided trip for your next escape. Value for money Staying in small hotels, using local transport and dining in family-run restaurants, you’ll find our trips excellent value for money. What’s more, we include bicycle hire in the total cost of our trips, so that’s one less cost (and logistical issue) to worry about.

Tried and trusted holidays

Our packages are tested by our team to ensure they’re perfectly suited to you. Designed to work as a route, we’ve considered all the elements that make the perfect self-guided holiday and have tweaked each trip so that it runs smoothly from start to finish.

Flexible trip options

Choose your departure date – any day you like! – and start each day’s journey as early or late as you want. You can also add extra days to your trip at the beginning or end of your holiday – ideal if you want to explore a destination in more detail.

A focus on food

Our European destinations focus on regions where food is a key draw – imagine sampling hearty mountain fare after a day’s walking in the Dolomites, or eating the freshest seafood in a coastal taverna in Greece.

Why go Self Guided food and drink

Support when you need it

On a self-guided holiday you still have full support from our local partners on the ground. They’ll transport your luggage while you travel and provide round the clock emergency back-up in case you lose your way or need help – however you’ll find our maps and trip notes clear and easy to follow.

Choose your companions

If you’re keen to replicate the group experience but want to choose who you travel with, self-guided trips are the perfect choice. Travel on your own, as a couple or with friends and family – you choose your companions, we’ll provide the perfect trip.

Feel-good factor

Practical details aside, there’s nothing like the sense of achievement you get from navigating your way from point to point by maps and route guidance, purely under your own steam. Imagine a holiday with health benefits – you’ve found it!

Take a look at our walking and cycling self guided holidays.

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