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Walking the Americas

Have you been tuning into Levison Wood's 'Walking the America's'? We have and we've been inspired to share our own stories of our travels through Central America.
Here's some highlights from people around Explore HQ:


Mexico – Yvonne

"Mexico is a country of many contrasts, from snow-capped mountains to tropical jungles and the plains of the Yucatan. Some of my most memorable moments of living in Mexico are the incredible culinary delights. While I was tour leading for Explore, I loved taking my groups to the local restaurants to taste everything from tamales to mole. It’s so different from the Mexican food we get in the UK. Mexico is filled with a cultural heritage that remains in today’s society, and if I had to pick one of their colourful festivals, it would have to be the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca - it’s like nothing you’ll ever see again."  

Honduras – Prue

  "My time in Honduras was fascinating, a more raw insight into life in Central America, removed from the tourist paths carved through some of its more popular neighbours. Tropical weather (think waterproofs over shorts and vests), endless wildlife and flora provide the backdrop to this wonderful country. My highlight, which will resonate with anyone who has been, is of course the ancient ruin of Copan. Wandering around the site with a handful of others is so dramatically different to other sites, no lines of tourists following the cordoned path, just your guide and group and heaps of fascinating stories."

Belize – Lisa

"Belize is the weird cousin to the rest of Spanish Latin America – it has managed to stay English speaking thanks to British occupation, and the vibe is a mix of laid back Caribbean and classic Central American Mayan archaeology, deep in the rain forest. The things I loved about Belize were the clear blue seas and the amazing snorkelling – we swam with sharks, manatees, rays and turtles! I wasn’t expecting such a natural paradise with a huge variety of jungle and coast, and the locals are so friendly. Drinking a beer as the sun sets over the Caribbean… it couldn’t get any more perfect."  

Guatemala – Carmel

  "What surprised me about Guatemala was how much the Mayan way of life is still very present in many communities, in areas such as Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan and Peten, where the impressive Tikal ruins are found. I always love visiting local markets, and in Guatemala they have an amazing character, with locals wearing traditional clothing – very colourfully handwoven skirts, shirts and tunics. Witnessing a Mayan ceremony near the market at Chichicastenango is one of my best memories – it’s amazing how their Gods are still very much a big part of everyday life."

Nicaragua – Cathy

"Levison Wood heads to the Masaya Volcano National Park during his journey, but what you see on screen can’t compare to the real thing. Park wardens only allow people a 15 minute peek at the dangerous, dancing lava inside the volcanic crater. Driving up to the volcano you see the whirls of red smoke snaking through the trees, then once parked you hear gasps from the people looking over the wall. When you lean over yourself you see the river of fire down beneath your feet. To my absolute surprise I felt no heat, nor smelled any sulphur, but I was mesmerized by the grandeur of the fiery mouth with its red molten lava."  

Costa Rica – April

  "I love nature and wildlife, and Costa Rica hands you all this on a plate. Imagine walking through the Monteverde cloudforest, taking in the jungle sounds whilst trying to spot animals which could be hiding in the trees, flying through the sky or even slithering across your path. I’ve seen monkeys, colourful frogs, tarantulas, toucans and of course the wonderful slow moving sloth. My favourite sighting has to be the elusive quetzal - they are beautiful colourful birds and I was lucky enough to spot one in the early dawn."

Panama – Rachel

"My highlight of Panama has to be the famous canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. If you’d have told me before I left that I’d be so impressed by a manmade waterway, I would have laughed! But this 48-mile feat of engineering is so hugely impressive. The adjoining museum is informative and fun, and I had a great time exploring the information about the building of the locks and expansion of the canal and visitors centre. Standing on the large viewing platform outside the Visitor’s Centre, I was constantly wondering whether the next immense ship would pass through successfully… it’s pretty amazing to watch!"