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Tour Leader Charity Projects

Every year we ask our global family of agents and tour leaders to nominate charitable projects close to their heart to win a donation from Explore. From building bridges in India to encouraging reforestation in Costa Rica, here are three of the projects we are helping to support.


The Derek Moore Foundation

This year's Tour Leader charity programme is extra special as we're collaborating with our friends at The Derek Moore Foundation who will co-fund the chosen projects, providing additional support to those in need. As one of the founders of Explore, Derek Moore knows, as well as us, that nominations from our tour leaders and agents are truly inspiring and motivational; glimpses into communities we might never have seen, supporting people we would otherwise have never met. Each example is unique, but they are all united in their focus to improve the lives of local communities for the better.

Guanacaste Reforestation Greenhouse, Costa Rica

Deforestation has compromised vital sources of drinking water for the community of Asentamiento El Consuelo, 37 kilometres from the city of Liberia in Costa Rica. Local families live off the land and, on low incomes, are unable to fund alternative supplies. So, on a plot of land donated by the Costa Rican government, and in partnership with The Derek Moore Foundation, we've helped to fund the construction of a community greenhouse and irrigation system that will promote the growth of new trees that, in turn, will protect the natural water supply. The nursery is an integral part of a large organic farm supervised by an agronomy engineer, and the whole operation is owned and run by the villagers. It is with thanks to Explore tour leader Odir Morales, who has been involved in reforestation programmes for many years, that this project has been supported and we look forward to seeing the impact on the lives of the local people. 

Mbunga Community Campsite, Uganda

Set in the heart of Uganda's Rwenzori mountains, the Mbunga Community Campsite welcomes visitors to stay in its traditional bandas (thatched huts) and experience the generous hospitality of the local Bakonzo people. Put onto the tourist map by Explore tour leader Jonas Schmid, this rustic yet warm and friendly camp provides cosy overnight cabins and a restaurant with spectacular views over lush mountain valleys. Hike to nearby waterfalls, explore verdant peaks and immerse yourself in the local culture; this place is a special hidden gem. But, there's one thing that this unique hideaway is lacking - electricity. Without a reliable source of power, the camp is thrown into complete darkness every night and keeping food cool is a challenge. So, with the support of Explore and The Derek Moore Foundation, a PV solar system will be installed. This will light up the bandas and restaurant, power a freezer to store food safely, and provide better security at night. This will not only be of huge benefit for the camp, but also to the wider community, and is expected to attract more paying visitors to the area.

Bordang Village Bridge, India

Imagine living in an area so remote that the only way to access essential food supplies, education and medical services is via a rickety bamboo bridge over a fast-flowing river that is washed away every year during the torrential monsoon rains. This is what life is like in a tiny village called Bordang in the foothills of India's Himalayas mountain range. When the bridge is destroyed, locals have little choice but to walk a very challenging route around the river, which can prove too much for the more vulnerable and elderly members of the community. As soon as Explore tour leader, Sanjeev Gurung, brought this treacherous situation to our attention, we knew we had to help. So, during January, when the river is at its lowest, our joint funding with The Derek Moore Foundation will support the construction of a permanent steel footbridge, providing a year-round link to the neighbouring village of Turyok. The project will provide local employment in the short-term, and, in the long-term, it will prove to be a vital lifeline for the villagers of Bordang.


Find out more about our charities & partners

Responsible tourism is one of our driving principles. Discover more about the charities and partners we work with, as well as other projects we have supported. 

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