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Top 10 unusual tours to book in September

Are you looking for a holiday that goes somewhere unusual or features an experience that's different from the normal tourist activities? From Uzbekistan to Israel, find your next adventure.


1. Madagascar: The Lost Continent

Teaming with a rich variety of birds and wildlife, the unspoilt island of Madagascar delivers an abundance of natural charm. Journey through 'The Lost Continent' with its spectacular wildlife reserves, home to the beady-eyed Indri lemur and majestic chameleon. And receive a warm welcome from the locals as young children run over to say hello, and elders burst into joyful song to mark your arrival.
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2. Cycle Japan

Cycle along the stunning coastal road between the 1,000-year-old market of Wajima and the city of Suzu on the Noto Peninsula in Japan. The climb to the viewpoint will be worth it as you look out over terraced rice paddies with a backdrop of the Japan Sea.
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3. Iceland Yurt Adventure

Sleep under canvas at the heart of Iceland’s Golden Circle in our custom-built yurts. Arrive in the summer to experience the fiery red skies of the midnight sun, or head here in the winter to seek out the northern lights.
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4. Holy Land (Israel)

Whether you are religious, an atheist or somewhere in between, there is something deeply humanising when you stand in front of the ancient Western Wall and watch worshippers pay respects to a site so sacred to them. 
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5. Wonders of the Silk Road (Uzbekistan)

Visit Registan Square as Samarkand comes to life and take in the edifice of stunningly ornate turquoise tiles that sparkle in the morning light. Stand in the square and you'll be surrounded on three sides by imposing yet intricately-decorated madrassahs. The photos don't really do this impressive architecture justice - some things are just better in person. 
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6. Family Zanzibar, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Safari Adventure

Covering some 15,000 square kilometres, the Serengeti is the oldest and largest safari park in Tanzania. The thrill of seeing safari animals like lion and elephant in their natural habitat is an experience that will stay with the whole family for years to come. You may be even be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Great Migration, the spectacular movement of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle. 
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7. Galapagos - Central, South & Eastern Islands

Relish in the marine wonders around Kicker Rock, as magnificent spotted eagle rays glide through the waters beside you. Playful sea-lions and inquisitive pups vie for your attention as you snorkel in the calm seas of nearby Isla Lobos; there is an incredible harmony between man and wildlife here, unmatched anywhere else.
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8. Peru and the Inca Trail

A spectacular river gorge, Colca Canyon measures twice the depth of the more famous Grand Canyon. Standing on the canyon rim makes for a humbling experience as you gaze down upon the Rio Colca meandering through a landscape of towering volcanic peaks while the massive and majestic Andean Condor soars high above.
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9. Bangkok to Saigon by Bike

Take in the stunning views of Khao Yai National Park from the seat of your bike. We ride through the jungle between Khmer temples, as well as through villages where we see locals and farmers at work tending to their crops and livestock.
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10. Arabian Sands Eclipse

Looking for an unusual Christmas break? Spend Christmas Day in Oman, camping in the rich orange sand dunes of the seemingly endless Wahiba Sands desert. You'll meet a Bedu family and try some delicious local coffee before your camp chef cooks up some dinner. The following day, witness a spectacular eclipse over the Wahiba Sands in the company of an expert astronomer. That's certainly a Christmas with a difference! 
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