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Ten top trips to book in March

Watching tigers in India, rafting in Sri Lanka or sailing amongst the serene fjords of New Zealand... What will your next once-in-a-lifetime experience be? We've picked 10 of the best to book this month.
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1. Puglia on Two Wheels

Cycle the wide open landscapes of Alta Murgia National Park in Italy. In May, the horizons here turn a deep red with endless poppy fields in bloom, which contrast beautifully with Puglia’s deep blue skies. Combine time on the bike with plenty of opportunity to see and sample the region’s superb food – from wine to olive oil, cheeses to orecchiette pasta. 
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2. Family Taj, Tigers and Palaces

Take a game drive in Ranthambore National Park in search of the beautiful Bengal Tiger. The best time to visit Ranthambore to spot tiger is between September and May, when water is more scarce and the wildlife congregates at the lakes and river side. You’ll also spot sloth bear, fox and jackal, as well as the crested hawk eagle and white-breasted kingfisher among over 300 bird species.
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3. Vietnam Explorer

Sit back and sip a refreshing iced coffee whilst watching the hubbub of activity roll through Old Saigon’s meandering maze of alleyways. Here ramshackle shopfronts jostle for space with market stalls, schools and churches, all packed into a fascinating inter-connected community just a stone’s throw from the modern buildings of the city centre.
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4. Botswana Wildlife Safari

Watch the sun set over the hazy landscape as you sit on the deck of a houseboat in the Okavango Delta Panhandle, listening to the hum of the surrounding wildlife. We may cruise past wallowing hippos, while crocodiles bask on the riverbank. Swap stories of wildlife encounters you’ve had during the day as you enjoy a well-deserved sundowner. 
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5. Active Sri Lanka!

Rafting down the Kelani River, against a beautiful jungle backdrop, really gets the adrenaline going.  As well as rafting, our Active Sri Lanka trip combines activities like jeep safaris and cycling with slower moments of taking in the lush scenery for an unforgettable two-week adventure.
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6. China Highlights

Hong Kong at night is a sight to be seen. The way the colours of the high rise buildings reflect on the harbour’s waters is simply captivating as you soak up the atmosphere of this modern metropolis. Some time spent in this buzzing city provides an exciting contrast with the historic wonders of Beijing, Xi’an and the Great Wall.
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7. Family Pyrenees Activity Adventure

Go kayaking through the stunning canyons and exciting rapids of the Noguera River. Reward yourself after a day’s activity with delicious Catalonian tapas of melt-in-the-mouth suckling pig, crispy patatas bravas and smoky chorizo.
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8. South African Highlights

Stand at the shoreline in Hermanus and have your breath taken away by the sight of a whale dramatically launching itself from the water’s surface and coming crashing back down creating waves and spray. The best time to visit South Africa if you’d like to see whales is between May – December.
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9. Levada Trails of Madeira

Walk between the two peaks of Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo climbing to Madeira’s highest point. At the top you’ll be greeted with spectacular views of white clouds hanging over dramatic cliffs, deep green valleys and beautiful wildflowers.
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10. New Zealand Explorer

Sail out into the Doubtful Sound, in the heart of Fjordland. This is pure, wild New Zealand. Stand out on the deck as you pass forest-lined cliffs and listen to the sounds of nature. The icing on the cake is to spot dolphins playing in the waters around your boat.
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