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12 Wonders about the Balkans

To celebrate our Balkans & Greece offer we've found out the most interesting facts about the region - did you know any of these?


No point in Greece is more than 85 miles (137 km) from water. Greece has around 9,000 miles of coastline - the 10th longest in the world. That's a lot of beautiful beaches to discover.


As well as learning a few local phrases it would be useful to know this useful fact - Albanians nod their head to mean 'no' and shake it from side to side for 'yes'.


Come up smelling of roses with a visit to Bulgaria. Bulgaria's 'Rose Valley' produces around 70-85% of the world's rose oil - a component used in most perfumes.


You'll find some of the highest concentrations of bears, wolves and even lynx in the vast forests of Transylvania and the Carpathian’s.


With many magnificent monasteries Moldova’s most important (and, arguably, most beautiful) historical site, Orheiul Vechi is a crumbling open-air complex that is over 2,000 years old. With few tourists you can explore the ancient fortifications, baths and monasteries.


Across the country there are nearly 1,000 churches and monasteries but the city of Ohrid tops them all. It was once notable for having 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Queue the nickname 'Jerusalem of the Balkans'.


If you are invited to somebody’s house for dinner or entertainment it is customary to bring a bottle of wine and a box of coffee.


The old marketplace in Gjakova dates back to the 16th century and covers around 35,000 square metres. It was once home to leather makers, bookbinders, gun makers and tailors.


Did you know Serbia is the largest raspberry exporter, accounting for one third of all the raspberries in the world?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country is nicknamed the 'Heart Shaped Land' due to the country’s slight heart shape.


In 1995 archaeologists uncovered the Divje Babe Flute, which is a flute made of the femur of a bear. It's believed to around 55,000 years old.


If you live in the UK then this fact will almost certainly make you want to pack your bags and leave for Croatia. The island of Hvar off the Dalmatian coast is the island with the most hours of sunshine in Europe – more than 2,800 hours a year.

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