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Everything you can expect on a solo walking and trekking holiday

A solo holiday is a refreshing way to see the world. Travelling independently allows you to take a break from the day-to-day and to reconnect with yourself while exploring new and exciting places. While travelling in a couple, family or group of friends is a fantastic experience, there's nothing quite like planning a trip around your own tastes without having to worry about accommodating others. If you're searching for extra adventure on your solo holiday, our walking and trekking trips are filled with exhilarating experiences for travellers who like to stay active.

Guided by our expert group tour leaders, our singles trips are the perfect chance to get away from it all and get under the skin of a destination, where you'll meet like-minded travellers with a love for the outdoors. Find out exactly what you can expect on a solo walking trip or trekking holiday with Explore and start planning your next adventure...

Walking track Sete Cidades Azores

Walking and trekking trips at your own pace

While a walking holiday suggests a more active break, we take care to make sure that everyone can enjoy these trips at their own pace regardless of previous skill, experience and fitness. We grade our trips from Easy to Moderate and Challenging to suit every type of traveller. Easy trips are the best option for a more relaxed pace, while our Challenging trips are designed for very fit, active and experienced trekkers. Find out more about our grading system below...

Easy and Easy To Moderate

Our Easy grade trips will take you on shorter walks over undemanding terrain and at low altitudes so you can enjoy the scenery and soak up your surroundings. From our Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Foot trip - one of our most popular - to our best-selling Walks and Wine Tasting in Portugal trip; you'll discover fascinating history and have the opportunity to sample local produce between gentle walks.

Moderate and Moderate To Challenging

If you're a slightly more experienced walker or trekker and fairly active, our Moderate Grade treks allow you to pick up the pace. Travelling on good paths and at low altitude, you might find yourself tackling some slightly more demanding climbs and descents. Our Moderate walking holidays include the Moorish Trails of Andalucia, where you'll hike along an ancient network of trails, while our Spice Trails of Petra tour in Jordan allows you to make your way through the magnificent historic site of Petra and the breathtaking sandstone canyons of Wadi Rum.


For those that like to push themselves further, our Explore Challenging grade walking and trekking holidays cover more difficult terrains, perhaps travelling at higher altitudes with greater ascents and descents that offer some of the most epic views. If you feel up to a challenge, our Annapurna Circuit trek is a full three-week tour of the Annapurna Mountain range in Nepal, where you'll trek through forests and along foothills, across barren landscapes and snowy passes as part of the trip of a lifetime!

Solo female walker on the Inca Trail Peru

Expert guidance every step of the way

When it comes to our walking and trekking holidays, we pride ourselves on our team of expert tour guides who provide guidance and advice throughout your trip to make your experience more enlightening, educational and enjoyable. Our tour guides are usually locals or have lived in your chosen destination for a long time and are deeply familiar with the location you're visiting. This means that they'll be on hand to help with any questions or concerns, as well as to guide you through the trails and treks of your destination. Their knowledge of the culture, landscapes, history and language that surrounds you makes for a truly authentic experience.

Solo travel doesn't mean travelling alone

Just because you've opted for a solo walking holiday, it does not mean you'll be travelling alone. In fact, our group walking trips are designed with solo travellers in mind so that you can meet and socialise with other like-minded holidaymakers, sharing your experiences along the way.

You'll get the benefit of being able to take some time out for yourself if you need it, while also having the company of others to make the experience more memorable.

Three walkers looking at Mount Toubkal Atlas Mountains

Your walking and trekking routes are taken care of

If you're a first-time solo traveller embarking on an adventure holiday that involves walking or trekking, you may have concerns about how you're going to map out your route so that you can travel safely and efficiently while also fitting in everything you want to see and do. We painstakingly plan all of our trekking itineraries to help you get the most out of your holiday, including planning your routes, daily travel, activities, accommodation and even some of your meals and flights if you wish! That leaves you more time to relax and enjoy your holiday without having to worry too much about the logistics.

A choice of fascinating destinations you can tick off your wishlist

There's nothing quite like discovering a destination on foot. We have been operating for over 36 years and offer established trips to over 130 countries, so when it comes to creating a walking holiday you'll never forget, we have plenty of experience. Whether you dream of climbing three active volcanoes on the blissful Mediterranean island of Sicily, enjoy the idea of scaling North Africa's highest peak in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains or want tick the Great Wall of China off your bucketlist, you'll find unique and memorable experiences at Explore.

No matter whether you're interested in history, spectacular views, unique cultures or simply want to challenge yourself, our small group walking holidays allow you to really get to know your destination in the company of likeminded travellers.

Find out more about our solo walking and trekking holidays by getting in touch with our team.

View of the Great Wall of China