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8 Of the best pancakes from around the world

From super sweet Lebanese atayef, topped with syrup and dried rose petals, to classic Sri Lankan hoppers filled with vegetable curry, here are 8 of the best pancakes from around the world to shake up your Shrove Tuesday.


Dosa, India

Thin, crispy, and versatile enough to accompany almost any dish, dosas are a protein-packed pancake enjoyed throughout South India. The base ingredients are fermented black lentils and rice, and once combined into a batter, it’s cooked on a hotplate. Dosas are then typically served with a vegetable masala, chutney, or daal. You’ll enjoy these especially on a Kerala Cycling trip, where you’ll often find dosa stations at breakfast time - exactly what you'll need to fuel a day's cycling.
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Atayef, Lebanon and Jordan

Served up by street vendors throughout the markets of Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco, atayef combines flour, semolina, baking powder, salt and sugar, and is then filled with cream and nuts. For extra aromatic sweetness, they can also be topped with dried rose petals and honey. Thanks to their popularity, atayef can usually be found in bakeries throughout a Highlights of Lebanon trip!
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Beghrir, Morocco

Light and spongy with a unique honeycomb-like appearance, beghrir are covered in hundreds of broken air bubbles, caused by the yeast. The bright yellow colour is brought by the semolina flour, making them easily recognisable during a Highlights of Morocco tour! Particularly popular for breakfast, beghrir are topped with syrup made from butter and honey.

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Kabalagala, Uganda

With just a simple set of ingredients - ripe bananas, cassava flour, baking powder, and warm milk - kabalagala is a quick and easy pancake to make. The banana adds a natural, healthy sweetness to these thick, fluffy pancakes, making them a perfect breakfast option to energise you for the day ahead. You can also find these as a street snack on a Uganda Safari trip.

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Bulviniai blynai, Lithuania

Small and crispy, bulviniai blynai are a traditional Lithuanian pancake made from grated potatoes, flour and egg, then seasoned with salt and pepper. While the base flavour is savoury, they’re often served with a generous spoonful of sour cream or applesauce for a little contrast. These mouth-watering and filling pancakes are guaranteed to keep you going as you explore the Historic Baltic Republics.
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Hoppers, Sri Lanka

Uniquely shaped like a bowl, Sri Lankan hoppers come in many varieties, from vegetable to egg to sweet. Made from rice flour, the batter is drizzled on a hotplate to create a ‘net’ form of pancake, which is then shaped into a bowl and filled with curry. Easily found throughout Sri Lankan street markets, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy these on an Active Sri Lanka trip.
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Okonomiyaki, Japan

Using wheat flour batter as the base ingredient, Japanese okonomiyaki are typically combined with shredded cabbage, tempura pieces, pork and seafood, and are then topped with okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes (dried and smoked fish), Japanese mayonnaise, and dried seaweed. This pancake dish is a popular street food throughout Japan, but is especially enjoyed in Osaka - you can find it on an all-encompassing Simply Japan adventure.

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Gözleme, Turkey

Gözleme - also commonly known simply as Turkish pancakes - are a savoury flatbread made from unleavened dough cooked on a griddle, then filled usually with spinach and local cheese. There's little better than watching (and smelling) these delicacies being expertly made right in front of you, before enjoying them fresh and hot! As one of Turkey’s most popular street foods, you’ll frequently find gözleme being made on a Turkey In Depth tour.
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