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We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new on-tour app! Available on iPhone and Android, our app has everything you’ll need for your trip, in your pocket. Loaded with your own personal itinerary – including accommodation and flights – you'll receive any updates on the go, even changes to flight time and departure gate. It’s also got live weather, to help you plan your days (and clothing) as you go.  

The app works offline, so you can access it even in the most remote of locations, or on the road, and you can personalise it further by adding your own notes, memories and even travel photos.  

In short, our app will ensure you’re in-the-know during your trip, is designed to make your holiday run more smoothly and remove the need for paper trip notes in your packing. Whether it's checking your itinerary, tracking your flights, or finding your way around a new city, we’ve got you covered. 

We're still working away to get this app finalised. In the meantime you're getting special early access to the Beta version, so please bear with us while we iron out the final kinks. We asked the robots to locate all our overnight stays but some aren't quite right, so we're working on correcting that. 

Download the app from your preferred app store to get started! Once it's on your phone you can log in with your personal credentials: 

Passcode: Your booking ref followed by your last name (as one word). 

Be sure to enable push notifications so you can receive itinerary updates and notifications immediately.

We hope you enjoy using the new app and have a fantastic time on tour!  

Download the app

Apple Store

Google Play

Explore Travel App FAQs

The app is available on Android or Apple phones. You can download it from your app store - just search 'Explore Worldwide app' and download it to your device.

Your user ID is EXPLORE. The passcode is unique to you as is made up from your booking reference number (e.g. EX1234567, which can be found on your confirmation documents) and your last name, combined into one password with no gaps. You'll also receive an email from us with your personal credentials before you leave for your trip.

We're still working away to get this app finalised. In the meantime you're getting special early access to the Beta version, so please bear with us while we iron out the final kinks. We asked the robots to locate all our overnight stays but some aren't quite right, so we're working on correcting that.

No. The information is available in the app even when you're not able to access a local mobile network for WiFi. However, you will need to be connected to download the app and load the information in the first place. After that no more connections are needed unless there are changes to your documents or you want the latest weather. Just hit "refresh" from the menu page at any time.

It can take a few minutes, depending on how much complexity there is. But it's best to spend a bit of time now, so that you can have access to all your content offline while you're away. Note: if your device screen times out, the download will stop; so keep an eye on it and swipe if it's about to go to sleep. Similarly, if you go away from the Explore Travel App (to check your email for instance) the download will stop, but it will pick up from where it was when you open the app again. Note that the offline version of the maps will only download when you first click on the maps icon. This will take some additional time but it is well worth doing when you set up the Explore Travel App.

This depends entirely of how extensive your travel or event plans are. A simple event or trip typically takes around 50MB whereas a more detailed complex plan could use 100MB or more. You can delete data at any time if you need to free up space on your device - simply go to the menu page and choose "Setting" to clear the maps or "Trips/Events" if you want to remove a complete itinerary.

Explore can change your documents at any time, so you can have the new details immediately. You will need to be connected to WiFi or data services though, and then simply refresh the app yourself by tapping on the menu.

You can access the Explore Travel App through any compatible mobile or tablet device with your unique reference (make a note of it somewhere safe). We also recommend you download your trip or event details to the devices of all in the group and consider taking a printed copy of any documents with important instructions or telephone numbers.

To save device memory we only provide high resolution maps in the areas surrounding the points on the map - in between there are only low resolution maps. If however you are on a WIFI or data network you can see all maps and satellite images by choosing to "View Online". If there is a particular area you want to view in more detail, ask your organising company to add this as a point on your map.

Yes, you can. Go to settings and tap "Load New". You'll be able to add another Itinerary, and you'll see a list of them appear in the menu page (under the "Trips/Events" heading). Simply toggle between your trips or events depending on the one you want to see.

Yes, go to the menu page and tap Settings. You'll be able to switch off notifications here.

Yes. Simply tap the share button on any document, and you'll be able to print it or send it to any email address if a printer is not handy.

Yes. Select the note that you want to save and tap the share option at the top right (three circles). Tap Share Note and you'll then get the option to send to email, text, any social media sites you're connected to or even print them from here. In addition any photo you take within the [Enter company name] Travel App will also be saved to your device gallery.