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Explore Tour Leader Awards

Each year we honour our top tour leaders, nominated by our customers and chosen by an expert panel.


Recognising dedication and passion

Explore Tour Leaders are the best in the business. We like to show our amazing tour leaders that we know they're crucial to the success of each individual trip we run and we simply couldn't function without them. The Explore Tour Leader Awards recognise those tour leaders who have made your adventure extra special.


The Prize

First prize is £1500 and 3 Runners-up prizes of £750 each – with 50% going to a charity of the Tour Leader's own choice – either a registered charity or a local project in the area they work in.

Although there are no individual categories, there are four main criteria the judges use when making their decisions:

1. Local knowledge 
2. People skills 
3. Organisational skills 
4. Respect for local people, culture and the environment

Have you had an outstanding Explore tour leader that you feel has displayed all of these qualities? Nominate them for the Explore Tour Leader Awards to help us reward their talent and dedication.

2023 Explore Tour Leader Awards results

Overall Winner–
Abdallah Alhlalat (Jordan) - pictured 

Customer comments:
‘Abdallah stands out from that high standard - it is genuinely thanks to Abdallah's leadership that this was an unforgettable trip for me, and the reason why I will definitely be booking another Explore trip.’
‘Abdallah was by far the best tour leader I've ever had.’
'I have never had a tour leader who went to such extreme lengths to make sure that participants had the opportunity to see everything and understand what they were looking at.'

Runners up – 
1st - David Lam  (Japan) 
2nd - Timuçin Şahin (Turkey) 
3rd - Pham Van Binh (Vietnam & Cambodia)

Previous winners
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